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2016/07/02 - 15:11
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Open "Central Administration".
Click on "Manage web applications" which is available in the "Web Applications" section.
Select the web application and then click on "Service Connections" which is available in the ribbon interface as shown in Figure 2.


Figure 2: Associate the service application

Select the BCS service application and then click on Ok.
Now you will be able to create an external content type in SharePoint Designer successfully.

ژوئیه 02 2016, 15:30

You need to go the Central Administration> System Settings> Manage Services on server. Check whether the Business Data Connectivity Service and Managed Metadata web service are running. If not, you need to start them .If you don’t have permission, call your administrator for help. Then edit the service connections for web application again to see whether the service applications are listed there. Restart SharePoint designer to have a test.


ژوئیه 02 2016, 15:47
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