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2016/09/05 - 12:03

Project Server Queue Stuck “Waiting To Be Processed”
After a fresh deployment of Project Server 2013 we hit a strange issue with jobs not being processed by the queue with the unhelpful status message “waiting to be processed”. After waiting for 15/20 minutes to see if the jobs cleared – which they didn’t – we then went through the following basic troubleshooting steps:

Restarted Project Queue Service and SharePoint Timer Service across the farm.
Checked the time was synchronised between the servers.
Cleared the queue and re-submitted some of the jobs.
Restarted the entire farm, including DB server.

Unfortunately, after doing all of the above we still found all jobs stuck in the queue with the same status message as before. Digging into the Event Viewer and ULS logs did not provide any obvious clues to the problem, so we went back through the configuration to see if we could spot the issue. After some investigation we checked the PWA instance by using the command:

Get-SPProjectWebInstance http://serverurl/pwa

(replace serverurl with the relevant PWA URL that you are using, might be a DNS name or might be a server name).

After doing this we received an output that showed ProvisioningResult as “successful”, but ProvisioningStatus as “failed”, which we knew wasn’t right. After checking in Central Admin (which showed everything as “Provisioned”), we ran the following command to re-provision and fix this error:

Upgrade-SPProjectWebInstance http://serverurl/pwa

This command took 5 minutes to run, and once finished we

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